Thanks to supporters for kids camp success in Dispatch district

Boys Brigade camp, Calverton.
Boys Brigade camp, Calverton.

A HUCKNALL councillor played a key role in the success of a Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association camp weekend.

Coun Lachlan Morrison, a Labour member of Ashfield District Council, attended the event at the Sherbrooke Scout Camp site in Calverton.

He spoke to the staff and young people, after which he presented prizes.

Ken Willows, former captain of the 21st Bulwell Boys’ Brigade company, was commanding officer of the camp.

He said: “I wish to thank Coun Morrison for his guidance and encouragement in helping us to secure a grant from Ashfield Council for the camp, which was much appreciated.

“This meant that the children there could have access to special events such as go-karts, tunnelling, archery and swimming.”

Mr Willows added that the event was well supported by local businesses and two leisure centres, who contributed good-quality prizes.

Members of companies forming the Boys’ Brigade Nottingham Battalion North Fellowship group, including the 18th Nottingham (Hucknall Central Methodist Church), 21st (Ravensworth Road, Bulwell, Methodist Church) and 28th (St Mark’s Church, Bestwood Village), took part in the camp.

Various activities were undertaken over the weekend including crafts, go-carting, team games and numerous sporting fun.