The day Santa had his beard shaved off

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SANTA Claus — alias Hucknall man Frank Streets — has been given a new, clean-shaven look in the name of charity.

Complete with fake bushy beard, Frank (72) had become well-known as the man in red at the annual Christmas fair held by Hucknall Parish Church.

Hucknall Parish church`s Santa Frank Streets get set to shave off his beard

Hucknall Parish church`s Santa Frank Streets get set to shave off his beard

But as part of a fundraising stunt, he spent six months growing a Santa-style, white beard in aid of a fighting fund to raise £150,000 for repairs to the tower at the iconic parish church.

Now his facial hair has disappeared again — thanks to a sponsored, cut-throat shave given by his niece, Hayley Streets.

Sponsors have helped him raise more than £300 for the cause, and the total is set to climb because there is more cash to be collected.

“I’m really pleased with the amount we raised,” said Frank, who lives on Common Lane and also visits schools around Hucknall as Santa to spread festive cheer.

“It took an hour-and-a-half to complete the shave but it was totally painless. It’s great to get rid of the beard but it feels strange after having it for so long.”

Frank went under the razor at Jackson’s barber shop at the corner of Derbyshire Lane and Yorke Street in Hucknall.

He is encouraging residents to continue backing the parish-church fundraising.

Repairs are needed to stonework of the tower before it becomes unsafe. Damage was discovered during an architectural assessment.

n OUR PHOTOS show ‘Santa’ Frank before and after his sponsored beard-shave — DISPICS NHUD12-0679-2 and NHUD12-0844-1.