Three-car smash in Bulwell sparks safety call

Motorists are calling for new traffic management systems at a busy road junction following a three-car accident in Bulwell.

Traffic was brought to a standstill at Moor Bridge at around 7.15pm on Saturday when three cars were in collision at the busy junction with Hucknall Lane.

The road was reportedly closed for around two hours, with traffic having to be directed away from the scene.

Motorist Ian Young told the Dispatch that he had been stuck on the bridge itself in the immediate aftermath of the incident, although he did not see the smash itself.

He said: “There was nowhere we could move until police secured the site and then were able to move traffic that had built up.

“We were saying that our 40 minute wait was nothing really if you comnpare it to someone having been in an accident.

“But that junction is always really bad.

“There’s only a mini-roundabout but it is the main road out of Hucknall.”

And he added: “Perhaps a mini roundabout is now not the best traffic management system for that junction.”

Bill Blackamore, from the Bulwell Forest Action Group, said that he recognised there was a problem but an easy answer would be difficult to implement.

He said: “The junction is always bad. I went through there at 3pm and there were long tailbacks even at that time.

“It carries so much traffic and will get worse because of the planned developments in Hucknall and Bestwood Village.

“We don’t have the infrastructure to cope but it’s difficult to know what would work and keep the traffic flowing.”

Nottinghamshire police confirmed that a road traffic collision took place, invloving three vehicles.

Paramedics attended the scene but there were no serious injuries.

Steve Hunt, head of traffic and safety at Nottingham City Council, said: “We have recently had a look at this junction and nearby roads following a question raised by a member of the public and found that accidents here are relatively low. There are other locations in the city that have far higher accident levels and, therefore, have priority.

“There are no proposals in the council’s capital programme for this area and given the cost it is unlikely that any other funding would be sufficient to make the scale of changes that would significantly improve this junction.

“However, we are looking at a number of ideas that might help, such as waiting restrictions to ensure junctions are kept clear and how parking is used in this area.”