Three more councillors leave Lib Dems

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Three more Ashfield District councillors have left the Liberal Democrat party and become members of the Ashfield Independents Group.

Group leader Jason Zadrozny said that the only remaining Lib Dems on the council - Councillors Helen Smith, Tony Brewer and Christian Chapman - have all now resigned from the party.

This means that there are no Liberal Democrat members sitting on the district council. The majority of councillors are Labour.

Councillor Zadrozny said that being independents means that the councillors have no party whip to follow and can put their residents first.

“You will see our group voting how each councillor feels and we are very at ease about that,” he said.

“It frees councillors up to speak for their residents with no other issues apart from doing what’s right.”

Ashfield District Council confirmed that it has been informed that Councillors Brewer, Chapman and Smith have changed their political affiliation.

“They join Councillors Zadrozny, Madden and Tom Hollis as Ashfield Independents. There is no change to the political groups as all are members of the Main Opposition Group at Ashfield District Council,” a spokesman said.

Coun Zadrozny said that the move was ‘very postive’ for residents and will lead to a ‘refreshing change’ of how local politics is done in the district.