Three quarters of Brits can't identify East Midlands landmarks

Big Ben
Big Ben

More than three quarters of Brits can't identify East Midlands landmarks, according to a new survey.

The survey, of 2,000 people, also found that 53 per cent of East Midlanders can't identify famous national landmarks such as Big Ben, Edinburgh Castle or Stonehenge.

Overall, Brits scored just 44.5 per cent on the test to identify historical monuments and landmarks, which was commissioned by antique fireplace dealers Westland London.

East Midlanders scored 47.4 per cent overall on the test, but 76 per cent of Brits failed to identify landmarks from the region such as Chesterfield's Crooked Spire and Lincoln Cathedral.

Regionally, people from the East of England did the best with 51.7 per cent, with Scotland doing the worst, scoring just 35.3 per cent. And to make matters worse, 30.8 per cent of Scots couldn't even identify Edinburgh Castle correctly.

Londoners came in second to last place, scoring 39.8 per cent.

The company also asked those surveyed how much they knew about antiques. They found that just over a third (36.8 per cent) knew that if something is described as antique, it is over 100 years old (17.9 per cent thought it would be over 20 years old, 11.9 per cent thought it would be over 50 years old and 33.3 per cent believed it to be over 200 years old).

And it seems that there's very little sentimentality when it comes to antiques - 47.2 per cent of those surveyed said that if they had an antique piece or family heirloom in their attic, they would sell it rather than pass it down to their children.

Anthony Bridgman at Westland London said: "It looks like us Brits have a lot of studying to do when it comes to knowing our national landmarks!

"Despite being taught about most of them at school, perhaps we just forget about them as we get older. And it was interesting to see that many Brits would part with their family heirlooms, perhaps we are not as sentimental as we once thought!"

Find out how well you know our local landmarks by taking the test here.