Tibshelf: Town End retains ‘good’ standard

Town End Junior School in Tibshelf has maintained its rating of ‘good’ after an Ofsted inspection last month.

A report found pupils at the Alfreton Road school ‘made good progress and reached high standards in reading and mathematics and average standards or better in writing.’

It also said teachers ‘consistently showed pupils the steps they needed to take for success in lessons’ and ‘had high expectations of pupils of all abilities’.

‘Learning not always being matched to pupils’ individual needs’ and ‘teaching assistants not always being used to best effect’ were two reasons cited for the school not being judged as outstanding.

Head teacher Lisa White said: “The staff and governing body of Tibshelf Town End Junior School are pleased to report that Ofsted have judged the school’s standards as good when they visited.

“The hard work and dedication of staff and pupils have ensured high standards are achieved, where pupils make good progress from their different starting points.”

Meanwhile, Beverley Wilson, who has been deputy head teacher at Town End for 14 years and was acting head in the 2012-2013 school year, is retiring after 36 years.

She attributes Town End’s success to the strong team spirit and family atmosphere.

“I will miss the daily contact with staff, pupils and parents, together with being involved in supporting and shaping the pupils progress and experiences,” she said.

“I now have more time to devote to my family and home at a more relaxed pace.”