Tony on TV: New Masterchef hots things up in the kitchen

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FIRST, the good news . . . the fearsome foodies John Torode and Gregg Wallace are back in another tasty series of ‘MasterChef’ (BBC1).

Second, the bad news . . . husky-voiced India Fisher is once again narrating with her trademark over-emphasis and mis-pronunication that tends to mar the enjoyment of watching the amateur cooks as they aim to survive and succeed in the heat of the kitchen.

And, if that’s not enough, programme schedulers are keeping viewers on their toes with a Tuesday/ Wednesday launch last week, followed by this week’s Wednesday to Friday sessions.

So, if, like my neighbours, you like routine you could always tune into the travelling circus, complete with clowns and anything else that seems funny at the time, that is ‘Food Glorious Food’ (ITV1, Wednesday) as it rolls into Brighton where the menu features that must-have dish -- chicken with cornflakes.

You might not lose any sleep over this meal, but making sure that we get enough kip is the driving force behind ‘Bedtime Live,’ a five-parter which started last night on Channel 4 with a repeat tonight on 4seven.

Some might say that watching too much TV is the cause of not enough sleep, but this series aims to take the opposite view, providing struggling parents with all the skills needed to make sure that under-tens are in bed before 9pm as well as checking up on how much rest is needed by over-tired teenagers.

Child sleep expert Prof Tanya Byron and soon-to-be first-time dad Jake Humphrey aim to come up with some invaluable tips and techniques, but I think the message was lost on a group of youngsters, two of them no more than 10, who noisily skateboarded down the road at the weekend at 4am. Probably their parents were sleeping soundly, but they were in the minority.

Staying up late (well, 1035pm might be early for you) did give me a chance to watch the quirky comedy series ‘Anna & Katy’ (Channel 4, Wednesday) with double act Anna Krilly and the dizzy Katy Wix from ‘Not Going Out,’ the latter enlisting the services of that series’ resident comedian, Lee Mack, as he took the Carol Voderman role in an edgy German version of ‘Countdown.’ The TV spoofs continue this evening as Brian Dowling from ‘Big Brother’ hosts a new game show, ‘Pull It Off,’ while experts on an antiques show check out sausages long past their sell-by date.

Something which has also seen better days is BBC Television Centre in west London, which the Beeb is leaving after 53 years. This historic departure gets double channel coverage on Friday (BBC1 from 7pm and BBC4 from 7.30pm) with music from Madness and Richard Thompson, memories from a host of TV big names, plus a studio tour in the company of Victoria Coren, Barry Cryer and Brian Blessed.