Top 40 of things to do before you’re 40......

REMEMBER our previous article about Hucknall Round Table’s definitive list of the top 40 things a man should do before he reaches the age of 40.

We promised to bring you the full list, so here it is. See if there are any accomplishments that match your own list! Warning: it’s a bit random!

1.Order a vindaloo when you normally have a korma.

2.Grow a moustache.

3.Go clay pigeon shooting.

4.Test drive a supercar.

5.Give blood or be an organ donor.

6.Participate in an event to challenge a ‘Guinness Book Of Records’ title.

7.Learn how to snowboard.

8.Visit at least two of the seven wonders of the world.

9.Organise a beer festival.

10.Go tractor racing.

11.Turn up in fancy dress to a formal event.

12.Learn to give a good massage.

13.Go scuba diving.

14.Spend a night sleeping in the open air.

15.Be dragged behind a speedboat on something inflatable.

16.Turn up at the airport with a passport and luggage and catch a random flight.


18.Speak in front of a large audience. Sober.

19.Climb a mountain to play tiddlywinks.

20.Build a raft.

21.Go to Las Vegas.

22.Ride a Harley Davidson.

23.Be a best man/organise a stag do.

24.Get your 15 minutes of fame.

25.Go to a nudist beach.

26.Modify a car and go banger racing.

27.Watch the sun rise and set in the same day, two days running.

28.Travel from Land’s End to John O’ Groats without using a car.

29.Brew your own beer.

30.Bungee jump with a difference.

31.Go to a worldwide sporting event, such as the Olympics or the World Cup.

32.Drink a yard of ale.

33.Play in a band.

34.Embarrass yourself publicly for charity.

35.Score 180 in a game of darts.

36.Make a difference in your community.

37.Learn a foreign language — for the weekend at least.

38.Run a marathon (or half).

39.Eat a whole scotch bonnet chilli.

40.Join Round Table (for help with above!)