Tough stance on racism on trams

RACISM and anti-social behaviour on Hucknall and Bulwell’s trams will “not be tolerated”.

That’s the warning after a man was sentenced in court for racially abusing Nottingham Express Transit (NET) staff.

When he appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court, the man, who has not been named, pleaded guilty to the offence.

Now Chief Insp Andy Rooke, deputy director for community protection in Nottingham, said: “We are glad to see that this matter was taken seriously by the courts.

“Nottingham has an excellent transport system and, thankfully, incidents of abuse or disorder are very rare.“

The racial abuse happened on Tuesday April 5 when the attacker boarded a tram at Station Street in the city where the conductor saw him drinking alcohol, which is not allowed on NET trams.

When asked by the conductor to stop swigging the booze, the man became abusive and even more so when asked to get off the tram.

The conductor informed the driver who reported the problem to the tram control room, which subsequently passed the matter on to the police.

When the tram stopped, the driver went to help conductor and was also subjected to racist abuse from the passenger.

Eventually the man and his female companion left the tram, still abusing the staff as they got off.

One of the duo then assaulted a young man who was standing on the platform.

NET says it will not tolerate anti-social behaviour on the trams.

In a statement, it stated that such abuses caused “real misery” for both passengers and staff.

Offences can range from serious acts of violence and harassment to more ‘everyday’ trouble, such as making too much of a noise.

NET says it will always take a tough stance and will have no hesitation in using all the powers available to take action against troublemakers.