Town hoping to play its cards right with innovative art project

BULWELL is the ace in the pack as far as an innovative project is concerned.

The intriguing initiative is entitled 52 Artists 4 Bulwell and it is now in full swing.

Each of 52 artists was given or sent a playing card during August and this could then be used as a canvas to work on or as a template for size.

There have been no restrictions on subject matter, apart from anything offensive.

The opportunity was offered to the first 52 artists who signed up and the deadline for submissions was on Monday.

The artworks could be submitted at the Nottingham Contemporary gallery, either in person at the reception desk or by mail.

Once the artworks were received, they were photographed and printed on to the reverse of packs of playing cards. These packs are being donated to local community groups and schools.

“The original artworks are being left around Bulwell and found through chance interactions,” said a spokesman. “It isn’t a treasure hunt and it may be some time before some of them are taken.”

There will be an online exhibition of the works and lots of other activities going on. You can keep up to date by visiting the Facebook page or following @52forBulwell on twitter.

But the spokesman stressed that artworks deemed to be offensive could not be accepted due to the ‘nature of the project’.

He said 52 Artists 4 Bulwell was unfunded, with all costs being met personally.

“The scheme has stimulated an excellent response from artists,” said the spokesman. “A lot of interest and enthusiasm has been shown and we are hoping for a good response from the Bulwell community.”