Traffic chaos blights town

NEAABE111026d1, Cllr Richard Robinson outside the old Kimberley brewery.
NEAABE111026d1, Cllr Richard Robinson outside the old Kimberley brewery.

A Kimberley councillor has arranged community consultation sessions to find ways to improve serious traffic problems which he says ‘blight’ the community.

Over time Coun Richard Robinson has had hundreds of complaints about traffic chaos in the Swingate area, and Cliff Boulevard and Hardy Street area of Kimberley.

Last year he asked residents to fill in a survey about the problems, and has now compiled a 14 page report that he wants to share with them to come up with a joint approach to resolve the issues.

Two meetings will take place at Rumbletiums Cafe in Victoria Street – one on January 27 between 3pm and 7pm and one on January 30 between 10am and 12 noon.

Coun Robinson said: “The report is in response to long standing traffic concerns which blight our community.

“The report advocates a different kind of approach to problem solving, a more collaborate and inclusive arrangement which is community-led and which puts the views of local people at the forefront of any changes. For far too long decisions have been imposed upon local people and I am determined to see that the best ideas that the community puts forward are adopted.”

In Swingate the main problems relate to a hold up on Greens Lane near Sainsbury’s which can lead to periods of delay for drivers.

For people living in the Hardy Street and Cliff Boulevard area the main issues highlighted were congestion, drivers mounting pavements and parked vehicles restricting visibility.”

The report – the first comprehensive major study on traffic congestion in both areas – highlights not only the problems but also key suggestions as to what improvements might look like in future.

“As a community we need a forward thinking and collaborative plan to tackle these problems which have been plaguing our historic town for years.

“The purpose of the meetings is to discuss the initial survey findings, identify next steps and ways in which we can work to enhance our community’s quality of life by defining and facilitating longer term effective traffic management measures,” added Coun Robinson.

See a copy of the report at