Traffic impact of 900 new homes

2007-34''Hucknall Rolls Royce
2007-34''Hucknall Rolls Royce

A Bulwell Hall Estate group is just as worried as one in Hucknall about the traffic impact of plans for 900 new homes on the Rolls-Royce site.

The estate Tenants and Residents Association say Hucknall Lane and the Moorbridge traffic island are already gridlocked at peak times through a large volume of traffic from Hucknall.

Hucknall’s Reach Out Residents’ Group has claimed that the scheme would cause large-scale traffic jams on Watnall Road and Hucknall Bypass. At a meeting of the Bulwell Hall Estate association on Wednesday, complaints were made about a ‘huge amount of congestion’ on Hucknall Lane. Coun Ginny Klein, a Bulwell ward member of Nottingham City Council, said she had been contacted by a local man who had to wait 20 minutes to drive out of the estate to take his wife to hospital. Coun Jackie Morris, said: “Hucknall Lane is sometimes really manic.”

One suggestion made was for the Moorbridge island to be enlarged and traffic lights put in. Association chair Sheila Loades said: “We have tried for years to get something done about this problem. If we don’t get anywhere, I think we should launch a campaign for action.”

At a Reach Out meeting the previous night, it was reported that the Planning Ombudsman had been ‘totally overwhelmed’ with objections to the Rolls-Royce plan, which also includes a business park.

Geoff Thorpe, chairman of a sub-group monitoring the issue, said an assurance had been given that everyone who contacted the Ombudsman would get a reply. Neil Hodgson, of NCC highways department, said: “A detailed transport assessment has been prepared in accordance with national guidelines and submitted in support of the planning application. The likely impact of increased traffic at a number of key junctions has been considered in detail, resulting in a proposed package of new and improved junctions in Hucknall and surrounding areas to help mitigate that impact. The council has designed the first highway phase of the development and appointed a contractor to deliver these works.” Site clearance starts in January 2015.