May travel news for Mansfield and Ashfield

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NEWS: News.

Trent barton has always been a very enterprising business and at the moment they have several offers available to passengers; their ‘Zigzag’ ticket has been available for some time, but now there are some special types of Zigzag ticket.

Those who are best placed to take advantage of the first two offers live in the Derby area, but they are still worth a mention for bus travellers from the Mansfield and Ashfield area.

First there’s the ‘Zigzag Choo Choo’. This ticket entitles you to travel to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway at Wirksworth or Duffield from anywhere in what they call ‘trentbartonland’,( but of course is only valid on trent barton buses) and includes a trip on the steam railway itself.

Getting to Wirksworth by trentbarton from Mansfield and Ashfield requires two changes: ‘the nines’ from Mansfield and Sutton to Ripley, then the 6.2 or 6.3 to Belper and then the 6.1 to Wirksworth or Duffield.

Make sure of the railway operating days by going to . Details of ticket prices and other information can be found at

The there’s the ‘Zigzag Chatsworth’. Buy one of these tickets on any trent barton bus and travel to Matlock, where you change to the TMTravel service 215 or 218 (Matlock to Sheffield via Chatsworth) and get a £2 entry fee discount voucher for Chatsworth House.

The bus takes you right to the entrance to Chatsworth. For full details go to .

Finally there’s the ‘Zigzag Play’ ticket. If you are buying tickets for the Theatre Royal or Royal Concert Hall online, you can buy a Zigzag Play ticket (£4.50) at the same time.

This ticket covers travel to and from the venue on all trent barton buses.

For more details go to . Zigzag Play tickets are available for other venues: go to the Trent Barton website for more information.

Zigzag tickets can be bought from trent barton drivers, but these tickets are not available on the Pronto service.

Bus service changes in May

From Sunday May 4th late night buses will no longer run between Chesterfield and Mansfield on the pronto service (Stagecoach and trent barton).

From May 9th ‘the threes’ (trent barton) will have a revised Friday and Saturday night timetable