The road has always been a concern

News update....
News update....

A Kirkby mum is collecting signatures to see an enclosed bridge built over the A38 to protect Ashfield School students who cross the notorious road.

Now she hopes to collect enough signatures to present the petition to Nottinghamshire County Council.

Sarah Priest (35), of Nuncargate Road, said she was moved to start the ball rolling after chatting with her children and other parents on a Kirkby web forum.

“If you ever on the A38 at school closing time you will see there are kids everywhere,” said Sarah.

“You cannot do anything about their behaviour, but the reservations in the middle of the crossing are too small for the amount of kids crossing.

“You see them hanging onto the outsides of the railings with cars speeding past.

“There have been so many fatalities on that road. My kids go to Ashfield school and I do not want them worrying about people losing their lives.”

The petition has so far gathered more than 250 signatures but Sarah is appealing for more to support her cause.

For more information about Sarah’s campaign or to sign her petition please use the following link:

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire County Council said: “We have recently commenced work on a speed management scheme on the A38. The speed limit along the route will be reduced to 50mph, which will be enforced with Safety Cameras. This will slow traffic, and reduce the number of accidents on the road. We will however carry out a feasibility study to establish what options are available to us for future action.”