Two of a kind poker pair set for Vegas

Martin Bremner and Caroline Quinn
Martin Bremner and Caroline Quinn

Two poker playing pals from the same Hucknall pub team have beaten all the odds by winning places at a high stakes Las Vegas game next month.

Martin Bremner and Caroline Quinn, who both play at the Green Dragon pub, fought their way through stiff competition to qualify for the £265,000 Redtooth Poker Vegas 100 tournament.

The pair, who have become ‘good mates and travelling companions’ after playing at the pub’s Tuesday poker night, will now travel to America on May 27th for a week-long visit and the chance to win a slice of the £12,000 prize pool.

Caroline, of Holmewood Crescent in Bestwood Park, said: “I started playing poker seven and a half years ago on Facebook. I was out with friends in Hucknall one night, we came in and played, and I have been glued ever since! I have just made so many great friends.”

Martin, of Florence Street in Hucknall, said: “We go on tour together for competitions throughout the UK and people say we are like a married couple! I started playing 20 years ago down the local pub. I went bankrupt in 2005 through online poker, so now I don’t play big money any more. It’s a hobby these days. You play for points rather than cash.”

Caroline has travelled to Vegas for the finals four times over the last four years, and had already bought her ticket for this year when she won a free trip - so gave her ticket to the player in the finals who didn’t make it through. Martin said: “I cannot name another player who would do that. Total respect!”

She has also been nominated for player of the year by the Redtooth pub league across the country. She said: “I am quite good at reading people: I can turn around and tell people what they have got. If I win in Vegas, I will be the first female UK pub champion.”

Martin, who got through to the National finals in 2013 said: “I can sense weakness and get people to fold.”