UK to be colder than Iceland this weekend as ARCTIC blast sweeps into Nottinghamshire

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Britain is set to freeze this weekend as temperatures drop to -8C in some parts of the country.

The Met Office are warning that some areas, predominantly across the Scottish hills, could be set for the freezing temperatures thanks to an Arctic wind.

Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, will drop to -4C today and tomorrow night, the city will reach 0C on Sunday night making it much warmer than some parts of Scotland.

Sunday night could be the coldest of the year so far with temperatures to drop to -8C in some areas and it won't exactly be warm in Nottinghamshire either.

The mercury is set to drop to -1C in some areas on Sunday night with a high of 7C that day. Nottinghamshire will also be set for a chilly night tonight with temperatures dropping to 6C and then 4C on Saturday night in some areas.

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