‘Undateable’ Sutton man Alec finds romance - in time for Valentine’s Day

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‘Undateable’ Sutton man Alec Dickens has finally found love - and in time to celebrate his first loved-up Valentine’s Day.

The 27-year-old former Ashfield School pupil became a star after appearing on the Channel 4 hit show Undateables - which attempts to pair up people living with challenging conditions who are often considered ‘undateable’.

But despite a few dates on the show he didn’t find ‘the one’.

Now just a month after the programme he has found romance with Shirebrook girl Sam Louise Brewin.

She got in touch on Facebook and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

Alec said: “We talked for a few weeks and then met up. I’ve met her family too.”

He took his girlfriend out for a meal on the romantic day, and said it was the first Valentine’s Day he had spent with a girlfriend.

“It was just perfect,” he added.

Sam (18) is smitten by the former ashfield School pupil.

She said: “Me and my mum watched the programme and always so how cute and adorable he was. So I messaged him and couldn’t believe it when he messaged me back. I was so happy. We then spoke every day.

“He is so sweet, and makes sure I always have a smile on my face. He’s the best boyfriend a girl could wish for.”

Alec added: “It’s going really well and Sam is a really lovely girl.”

Alec has had several operations since being diagnosed with Saethre Chotzen Syndrome - a rare genetic condition characterised by the fusion of cranial features.

He said he was teased growing up and had difficulty finding love.

“I had girlfriends but their friends would say, why are you going out with that freak?, which was really hurtful,” he said.

Saethre-Chotzen syndrome is a genetic condition characterized by the premature fusion of certain skull bones (craniosynostosis).

This early fusion prevents the skull from growing normally and affects the shape of the head and face.

Most people with Saethre-Chotzen syndrome have prematurely fused skull bones along the coronal suture, the growth line that goes over the head from ear to ear.