UPDATE: National Academy speaks out after hoax abduction

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A Hucknall school has urged pupils not to take unnecessary risks and stay vigilant after an hoax abduction of a student.

Nottinghamshire Police confirmed claims made by a male year 10 National Academy pupil who said he had been approached, followed and nearly grabbed by a member of the public were a hoax.

A spokesman for the academy on Annesley Road said: “The alleged incident has been discovered to thankfully be a false alarm and they have advised that there are no immediate safety concerns to students or the general public.

“The academy would like to inform all parents and guardians that we followed procedures in line with our safeguarding policy once made aware of the alleged incident.

“The police were immediately contacted, and a security alert was issued with the Local Authority.

“Students were made aware before lunchtime, and parents were contacted via their personal email with a post being placed on our social media page.

“The safety of students at National Church of England Academy is always of paramount importance, and we would remind all students, parents and guardians of the need to be vigilant at all times and not take unnecessary risks to personal safety on the way to and from the academy.”

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “This was in fact a hoax call. We believe this incident did not happen but was a hoax or fake call.

“We will be sending a local neighbourhood inspector into the school today to discuss this matter further.”

Those who make hoax calls can be fined or even sent to prison.

The police spokesman said: “Every time someone makes a hoax or ‘joke’ 999 call, they put someone else’s life in danger.

“If we are sent to a hoax call, it means we’re not available when someone really needs our help. It could be a matter of life or death.”