Usain’s lightning Bolt at John Godber

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ALL ages of the Hucknall community came together for a fun day to celebrate the end of the Olympics on Sunday.

At Ogle Street’s John Godber Community Centre, the young and the not so young took part in a number of sporting events — from the sack race to a chocolate relay — all in the name of fun.

“Everyone who came along on the day had a great time,” said centre manager Kim Pears. “We played a lot of fun games for children and parents, and even grandparents.

“There was cracker eating, a relay event with a Crunchie bar as the baton and a special slow motion race to the music from Chariots of Fire.”

The event coincided with the closing day of the London 2012 Olympics and was intended as a way of bringing the community together to celebrate this world-wide event.

Kim added: “Everyone cheered each other on throughout the day, but the adults were definitely more competitive than the children.”

Youngsters were also involved in colouring activities during the day, which was free. A raffle was held to help pay for the event.

“We even encouraged people to send a message of congratulations to Team GB for all their efforts, which we will pass on,” explained Kim.

The John Godber Centre is a community venue run by Hucknall Parish Church.

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