‘Vampire’ attack saw Mansfield man injure guard with cross

COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case

A psychotic Mansfield man believed he was being attacked by vampires when he slashed a security guard’s face with a crucifix at King’s Mill Hospital, a court has heard.

James Anthony Timothy Carroll, 36, of Longnor Walk, Mansfield, pleaded guilty to assaulting the guard on Sunday, March 10.

Denis Quinn, prosecuting, said Carroll had been discharged from the hospital in the morning but returned at 8pm and was confronted by the guard Martin Childerly.

Mr Quinn said: “Mr Carroll wouldn’t leave and there was no medical reason for him to be there. Mr Childerly tried to escort him out.

“Mr Carroll had a small cross hanging around his neck. The defendant used the cross in a cutting motion across his wrists. There was a tussle and eventually Mr Carroll was pinned to the floor.”

Mr Childerly noticed blood dripping from a small laceration on his face.

A nurse witnessed Carroll using the rosary ‘to jab at Mr Childerly’s face,’ the court heard.

Carroll broke away and barged through some doors before he was apprehended by other guards.

Chris Perry, mitigating, said Carroll had ‘a troubling background with drug misuse.’

He said: “The drugs available today seem to have a more psychotic side-effect. He became paranoid.

“He believed he was being attacked by a vampire.

“He was trying to use the rosary to protect himself.

“He was suffering from an episode that affected his judgement.”

Mr Perry said Carroll had gone to the hospital with a damaged tendon and had returned in the evening.

“He was desperate to get treatment,” he said. “He didn’t go there for anything sinister.”

The court heard Carroll had 11 previous convictions for assault, three of which were in the last 14 months.

Deputy district judge Bridge sentenced him to 16 weeks and ordered him to pay £100 compensation.