Vet’s film about keeping pets safe at Christmas

A Hucknall vet has warned pet owners not to feed mince pies to their animals in the run up to Christmas.

Laura Pearce, who works at the Buckley House veterinary surgery on West Street, made the appeal after treating a Staffordshire bull terrier who over-indulged in too many of the festive treats.

Laura said: “Dog owners should make sure the pets stick to their usual diet over the festive season.

“Don’t feed titbits to animals such as fat from the turkey.

“Things like fruit cakes and mince pies can actually be poisonous to dogs because of the raisins and brandy content.

“Chocolates and other treats can be also be poisonous.”

She made the appeal after a Sutton couple brought in in their dog Halo. Owner Lee Burton left a pack of four pies on a table after a shopping trip while he nipped out again on another errand, but Halo resourcefully got the pies out of a carrier bag.

Lee (40) and his partner, Annette Phillips (42), of Sutton, were well aware that such rich food could be harmful to a dog and they rang Buckley House veterinary surgery straight away.

Acting on advice by vet Laura Pearce, the couple took Halo there and she was induced to vomit as a precaution.

“She is none the worse for the experience and is her usual frisky self,” said Annette.

Aged two-and-a-half, Halo is a rescue dog and she was formerly housed at Babbington Kennels in Awsworth.

Despite her name, this was far from angelic behaviour on Halo’s part but she has been forgiven and not sent to the doghouse.