Vet warning over heatstroke risk

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A Hucknall vet is warning pet-owners to take special precautions during the current hot spell.

Small animal vet at Buckley House, Tom Foster, recently treated a dog for heatstroke and wants to warn others to be careful.

“We have seen a couple of cases in the past week with dogs suffering in the current hot weather,” said Tom. “Signs to look out for include, hyper salivating, panting, red gums and collapse.

“If your animal shows any of these signs, put them in the shade, give them water and bathe in cool water but don’t throw a bucket of ice water over them. Then seek veterinary help.”

The vet also warned of cats getting sunburn.

“It is advised in high heat and sun levels to put suncream on your cat’s ears before they go out -especially if it is a white cat.

“You shouldn’t leave animals in a hot conservatory or car-even with the windows open as temperatures can get too high and the animal will over-heat,” added Tom from the West Street surgery.

“And always make sure your animals have access to plenty of water to keep them from dehydrating in these high temperatures.”