Veteran Dispatch reporter Denis Robinson warns of doorstep conmen after falling victim himself

Denis Robinson has been ripped off by a rogue gardener.
Denis Robinson has been ripped off by a rogue gardener.

A 76-year-old Bulwell man is warning Dispatch readers to beware of doorstep conmen after he lost £250 of his savings.

Veteran Dispatch reporter Denis Robinson lost his savings after a conman tried to charge him an extortionate rate of £2,300 for two hours of garden maintenance work.

It was earlier this year when Denis was handed a leaflet in Bulwell town centre advertising garden maintenance.

Denis says he was unwell at the time and jumped at the chance for someone to help him with his garden.

Five minutes after Denis dialled the number on the leaflet a man with a West Midlands accent, who gave his name as John, turned up at his door within five minutes.

“The thing is it is so easy to be caught out. I have a heart condition and was feeling a bit down at the time,” he said.

“I have two gardens, one at the front of my home and one at the back. They needed weeding and there are four trees that required pruning.

“I asked him how much he would charge for doing the work and he said he would tell me when he had finished.

“He started the job at about 11 am and at around 1 pm he told me he had done all the work that was required. I asked him how much he was charging and I could have fallen through the floor when he came up with the four-figure sum.”

Denis fobbed him off by telling him he needed more time to sort his finances and gave the man £250 in two separate installments.

Following the incident a Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: “Nottinghamshire Police is working hard to reduce this type of crime. However, we need your help.

“If you, a friend or a neighbour receives a visit from an uninvited caller that makes you suspicious, even if you haven’t let that person into your home, don’t just assume that it is an innocent call. Someone else nearby might become the next victim. Call us on 101.”