Video: father’s disbelief at A38 speed proposal

A Sutton dad has reacted in disbelief at county council plans to remove a 30mph speed limit at a residential intersection on the A38.

Nottinghamshire County Council has consulted nearby residents on plans to reduce the current speed limit of 60mph to 50mph and move the 30mph limits inside the residential roads.

The new 50mph limit would apply between King’s Mill Hospital, Mansfield, and Orchard Way, Sutton, and the short 30mph limits would now be placed inside the junctions of Kirkby Road and Sutton Road, Station Road and Coxmoor Road.

David Roe (46), of Sutton Road, said: “I just think it is ludicrous - that section of road is a known hotspot for road collisions - a motorcyclist was rear-ended at the Sutton Road intersection several years ago and that was at 30mph.

“Imagine that at 50mph - the guy would have been killed.

“I just cannot see the need for this because that road is documented as being in the top ten worst roads in the country.”

Mr Roe, father of two children aged 11 and 14, said his biggest fear was that a child could be killed crossing near the intersection, as they regularly do en-route to nearby Ashfield School.

Steve Carrol, Nottinghamshire County Councillor for Sutton East, said: “I am absolutely against the proposal. I am concerned that the crossings are used by children, particularly for Ashfield School.”

Gareth Coles, of Nottinghamshire County Council’s highway safety team, said he hoped the measure would create a more consistent speed limit along the length of the A38 and strengthen the message to drivers turning off into the residential areas.

Mr Coles said the council would be looking carefully at all consultation responses before making a decision.

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