Video: Mansfield Doctor Who fan converts his bin into a Dalek

Doctor Who fan David Whitchurch has exterminated his winter blues by converting a compost bin into a Dalek.

Dave from Cumberland Drive, Mansfield, said the shape of the council bin reminded him so much of the time Lord’s nemesis he decided to turn it into a pint sized version of one of his favourite TV monster.

Dr Who fan David Whitchurch has created a Dalek out of his compost bin

Dr Who fan David Whitchurch has created a Dalek out of his compost bin

David 56, said: ”I went out on a gloomy winter day and I looked at the bin and thought it looked a bit pathetic and boring.

“So I went to my local hardware shop and decided to cheer it up a bit.”

He put his craftwork skills honed from years of watching Blue Peter into action.

Armed with sticky tape stick-on circles a sink plunger a whisk from a Kenwood Chef and bleach bottle tops the dad-of-four made the transformation complete.

Dave, a support worker, has been a Doctor Who fan since he was a lad.

He said: “I love the old episodes, especially the Daleks - my all time favourite was the Invasion of the Daleks with Peter Cushing.

“I liked Jon Pertwee and Tennant and Ecclestone in more modern times.

“I was going to do it in red white and black as I am a Blades fan but I eventually decided to base it on the Emperor Dalek.”

The diminutive Dalek has been a big hit with the neighbours.

And since the mini version of the Doctor’s arch nemesis has been on patrol in Dave’s back garden there have been no sightings of other hostile alien forces in the area.