VIDEO: RAT INFESTATION in Nottinghamshire temporary council home

A Nottinghamshire dad secretly filmed a rat infestation in the temporary house he, his wife and four children were placed in by the council.

Duane Williams, 31, and Nicola Woolley, 26, turned to Nottingham City Council’s Housing Aid service for help when they were turfed out of their privately-rented home due to structural damage.

Screenshot of  secret video footage which found rats in a Broxtowe home

Screenshot of secret video footage which found rats in a Broxtowe home

The couple and their four young children were put up in a three-bedroom house on Lindfield Road, Broxtowe.

But they were left disgusted when they spotted rat droppings in the bathroom of the temporary home just a few days later.

Duane then left his laptop camera in the room over the weekend and was shocked when he saw a foot-long black rat crawling about as he watched the footage back on Sunday.

A spokesman for Nottingham City Homes has apologised for the inconvenience.

He said: “We’re sorry that Mr Williams and his family have experienced problems at Lindfield Road.

“We have inspected the property, and are currently carrying out minor repairs to ensure that rats can no longer get in.

“We’re also speaking to Mr Williams about moving to another property, and are working to identify a suitable property for him and his family.

“If he chooses to move, we will facilitate this for him as quickly as possible.”