VIDEO: Show us your best one liners on British sign language week

Mansfield’s deaf comedian is preparing to perform at a pioneering night of comedy aimed at breaking down the stigma around disability.

British Sign Language user John Smith will use props, visual aids and live music at Disability Nottinghamshire’s ground-breaking show.

BBC presenter and comedian Mik Scarlet will also be performing to both a hearing and non-hearing audience at the show on 20th March (tomorrow) at Mansfield Museum.

John said: “This night is about making an impact on hearing people and other disabled people. It is really the first one of its kind and if it is a success, it could be something that grows and we do more of.

“As well as the comedy, it is about letting people know how we can help and support the disabled community

“I will have an interpreter to translate the jokes but most of it is visual and so speaks for itself.”

John has a selection of around 500 jokes to choose from for the comedy night but says he will be revealing some new improvised material.

Tickets are limited from Mansfield Museum. Doors open at 6.30pm and a light bite is included.

Are you a BSL user in the area and think you can you better John’s snapshot video gag?

Send us your best one liner to and we will put them on Chad website.