VIDEO: Singing Mansfield’s praises

‘Performer and songwriter’ is not usually a requirement in the job description of a town centre manager, but it has certainly helped Nick Turner sing Mansfield’s praises.

Ever the romantic, the 53-year-old advocated taking advantage of the town’s shops, market stalls, bars and restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day by recording a song.

Mansfield Town Centre manager Nick Turner in the day job.

Mansfield Town Centre manager Nick Turner in the day job.

He replaced the lyrics of the Billy Joel track ‘She’s Always a Woman To Me,” with “She’ll Always Be Mansfield To Me.”

“I have lived in Mansfield since 1980 and I have a strong affection for the town and thought this would be a good way to push the message to support the town’s facilities and local businesses,” he said.

“The reaction I have had has been pretty good and hopefully, with me having been on the radio talking about it, it has flagged up to people how much Mansfield has to offer.”

Nick, who has previously worked as a civil engineer and run his own business, played a key role in the last refurbishment of the market place.

Nick Turner in full voice at a Christmas lights switch on.

Nick Turner in full voice at a Christmas lights switch on.

But in his spare time, he has penned 100 original recordings and teamed up with country and western singer Stew Stephens, formerly of Kirkby, who has worked with the likes of Frank Sinatra.

He has also covered a host of others stars and regularly performs tracks by CeeLo Green, Robin Williams, Ronan Keating and Chuck Berry.

Nick’s latest effort is not his only track promoting Mansfield, either. He has previously recorded “Because It’s Christmas in Mansfield” and a version of Bob Geldof’s “I Don’t Like Mondays” called “I Like Mansfield.”

And in 1982, during the Falklands War, he recorded ‘Run Like the Wind’, explaining his fears that he could be called up for service.

Nick added: “I love my job, but I thought I might have to reconsider if the music thing took off, but I’m probably getting a bit long in the tooth for that now!

“I have been on the X-Factor a couple of times but never made it through. The closest I got was this latest series of The Voice when I just missed out.”

Away from music, Nick been a regular television extra, having appeared on the likes of Crossroads, Life On Mars, Doctors, Boon Peak Practice and several BBC costume dramas.

Watch Nick singing in Mansfield Town centre: