Volunteers at Hucknall Sure Start get awards

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Eleven people have received awards for service as volunteers in a scheme which is run at the Sure Start Children’s Centre on Broomhill Road, Hucknall.

The presentations were made by Coun John Wilmott, a Labour member of Ashfield District Council and Notts County Council.

He said the volunteers, who live in Hucknall, Newstead and Selston, came from all walks of life and helped the community in various ways.

Coun Wilmott said loneliness was now a major problem and some elderly people saw no-one for weeks on end.

He pointed out that the volunteers came from all walks of life and sometimes combined their work as volunteers with a busy family life.

Their experience as volunteers could be the gateway for enrolling in adult education courses, he added.

One of the volunteers, Jonathan Irving, whose speciality in gardening, said the scheme had given him a lot more confidence in himself.

Another, Sheridan Parker, said: “Being a volunteer has helped me a lot and I am working towards a level-three childcare qualification.”

The other award recipients were June Gilbert, Ann-Marie Kennedy, Pete Squires, Jayne Anthony, Rhiannon Ball, Karen Strawbridge, Laura McLean, Tobe Lander and Elvi Bantoft.