Volunteers needed for future floods

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Volunteers are needed to look out for neighbours and close roads in Southwell in the event of a repeat of last summer’s flooding.

So far Southwell Flood Forum, a voluntary group set up to help prevent another disaster, has recruited 16 road closure wardens and 40 street representatives but many more are needed to cover for holidays and work commitments.

Street representatives are asked simply to keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours and lend a helping hand if flooding occurs, but road closure wardens require special training to qualify for special delegated powers from Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways department.

Rob Jordan, a flood forum member, said: “Wardens close roads if certain trigger points are met.

“So, if water is over the road past a certain depth I have the authority to close Kirklington Road, but there are a number of roads in Southwell we would have to close.”

Street representatives need to be fit enough to move closure signs and be alert to the signs that a road needs to be closed.

Jackie Huson, Southwell Flood Forum spokesman, said: “There are 21 road closure points, so we need two-three people per road to allow for holidays.

“We also need three-four street representatives per 15-20 houses for the same reason.”

A combined flood and road closure warden training session will be held at Southwell Fire Station on 16th July, from 7.30pm.

New recruits are welcome, but are asked to register first at www.southwellfloodforum.org.uk.