Wake up and fight!

Former factory site earmarked for redevelopment off Lingford Street, Hucknall
Former factory site earmarked for redevelopment off Lingford Street, Hucknall

Wake up and fight for your town!

That was the clarion call from Dispatch readers after last week’s news that a housing development of 50 homes has been approved on a former industrial estate at the junction of Watnall Road and Daniels Way in Hucknall.

Elsie Nicholls said: “Is this all that Hucknall is good for, more and more homes and council’s income from council tax?

“What about some benefits? They are pulling down a beautiful house that belongs to the cemetery because they have no available land for burials, what about the increase in population - where will their bodies go?

“If we were to have a new doctor’s surgery where will they find the land to build on?

“Wake up and fight for your town! We must emphasise no more housing and let us have better roads with zebra crossings instead of cart tracks and more facilities for Hucknall. Or aren’t we worth better?”

Tracey Spowage said: “Good grief as if there aren’t enough homes being built in Hucknall already!”

Jane Barnett said: “Why do we need new houses? The house next door to me has been empty for over a year. We need more schools and doctors in Hucknall first. Bad decision in my opinion.”

Coun Ben Bradley said: “Even more traffic on Watnall Road, and there’s no doctors surgery that side of the bypass...”

Ash Reynolds said: “More pollution, more congestion and more acccidents! Ever tried crossing any of the busy roads into Hucknall during rush hour?”

The scheme of two and three bedroom ‘family dwellings’ will be built at the junction of Watnall Road and Daniels Way after the industrial units there have been demolished.

Readers also took to social media to register their dismay at news of a bid to build 33 affordable houses on a former factory site in Hucknall town centre, which was submitted to Ashfield District Council. This development will feature one, two and three-bedroom dwellings on a former factory near Lingford Street.

Vince Valentine said: “No infrastructure. Madness. Never mind more schools and doctors we’ll need another Tesco chucking up to support this lot.”

Helen Whiting said: “Our infrastructure can’t cope with what we have now.”

Graham Woodward said: “We need jobs not ‘affordable’ housing.”

But not everyone is against the expansion of Hucknall.

Andy Coupe said: “I for one welcome some affordable housing near the town centre. The majority of people writing on here will have children, where are they going to live? There may be shortages of doctors, dentists, etc but we will cope.”