Warning over water board conmen

POLICE chief, Insp Nick Butler, has issued a warning that two conmen in the Hucknall area have tricked their way into an elderly person’s home, claiming there was a burst pipe nearby.

Insp Butler said the bogus water board officials looked respectable in shirts and ties and carried identification cards. But now he has warned all residents to be on their guard.

He advised the elderly to take these precautions:

CHECK ID properly before inviting callers in. The phone number should match the one in Yellow Pages.

SIGN up to the Priority Services Register with utility providers. Householders get a unique password only they and the caller know.

KEEP your door chain on when answering the door until you have seen official identification.

MAKE sure your back door is locked when answering your front door. Thieves often work in pairs, with one distracting you while the other slips in the back.

DON’T keep large amounts of money in your home.