Washers end ‘ground dog’ day at rescue

Staff and volunteers at a dog rescue centre have been saved from a never-ending cycle of filling and emptying the washing basket.

It was beginning to feel like ‘ground dog’ day at Jerry Green Dog Rescue before the arrival of six energy-efficient washing machines across the charity’s five centres, including Blidworth in Nottinghamshire.

Thanks to a donation of £14,400 from Support Adoption For Pets, established and supported by Pets at Home, the new equipment will mean less time spent washing, and more time spent caring for dogs.

“Keeping bedding, dog coats and equipment for over 160 abandoned and unwanted dogs clean whilst in our care can be quite a challenge,” said Catherine Foster, head of fund-raising at Jerry Green Dog Rescue.

“The new washing machines mean we can focus more time on finding the perfect home for our dogs and less time in the laundry room.

“The new machines have a larger drum so we can wash more items in one go and they are better for the environment too.

“We are delighted with the generous donation from Support Adoption For Pets – it really does help make a difference to the dogs in our care.”

The new washing machines are being used at Blidworth, along with four other centres in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

Emily Evans, rehoming centre and charity co-ordinator for Support Adoption For Pets, said of the rescue charity: “They do fantastic work for the dogs in their care.”