Waste contractors launch online advent calendar to help residents stay green this Christmas

A waste management contractor has launched an online waste-themed advent calendar which hopes to help residents stay green.

Veolia Environmental Services Nottinghamshire, Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste management contractor, launched the online advent calendar to help Nottinghamshire residents stay green this Christmas and watch their waste-lines.

Every day throughout Advent, the contractors said there will be a new helpful hint about reducing waste or a mind-boggling fact about just how much we use and throw away throughout the festive period.

Kevin Parker, regional communications manager for Veolia Environmental Services, said: “Our online advent calendar is a great way to be both greener and healthier this Christmas.

“You can watch your waste-line by learning a new fact or tip about Christmas waste reduction every day and as there is no chocolate to be tempted by, you can watch your waistline too!”

The online calendar can be accessed online at www.VeoliaEnvironmentalServicesAdventCalendar.co.uk