Inspection Nick Butler.
Inspection Nick Butler.

Instances of house burglary continues to fall in Hucknall this year and I am pleased to say that it has reduced by 52% compared with last year.

This means that 90 fewer homes have been broken into and 90 fewer families have been affected by what is one of the most insidious and upsetting of all crimes.

Trust me when I say we will not rest on our laurels.

The latest figures have given us the confidence and belief that we can drive burglary out of Hucknall for good.

I work alongside some of the most dedicated, passionate and professional people I have ever met and I know that they all join me in thanking the people of Hucknall for coming forward and working with us to stop these crimes.

Your help, whether it comes through calling 0800 555 111 (Crimestoppers) or our own 101 number is received and acted upon on a daily basis.

Whenever possible, we let you know what we have done with the information and each week we send out Twitter, Facebook or Neighbourhood Alert messages to keep you informed.

I strongly recommend you also visit www.hucknallcommunity.co.uk and join the alert system which is completely free.

The Hucknall volunteers send out an update every week about what crime has taken place, appeals for witnesses and operations we have conducted.

Last month we held our Hucknall Gold Meeting which is attended by many people from within the community and I provide an update on what we have been doing.

At this meeting, the community voted on what should be the priority for the next three months.

It was agreed that drug dealing should again be our priority and I’m pleased to say that since then we have conducted several drug operations resulting in large quantities of heroin, cocaine and cannabis being recovered and dealers charged and imprisoned.

I do believe that education and rehabilitation is the key in the long term but it is also my responsibility to make sure we all feel safe and that drugs are not available in Hucknall.

I will keep you all posted on the results of our operations over the next few months.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to the Street Pastors who continue, without fail, to walk our streets to help anyone in need come rain or shine.

We are also joined by Nottingham Youth for Christ who are working within on parks and open spaces at the weekends alongside our own local Police and Community Support Officers.

If you have any views or suggestions please email me at Nicholas.Butler@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk.