We will continue to fight against new developments

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Eighteen months ago, at the early stages of the Aligned Core Strategy, residents of Hucknall, Linby, Papplewick, and the respective parish councils formed Brownfield First (BF).

The purpose was to fight Gedling Council’s proposed land allocation for 1,000 homes at Top Wighay and 600 on land north of Papplewick Lane.

Very strong objections to the inclusion of these sites have been made by Ashfield District Council who expressed deep concern about the negative impact these sites would have on Hucknall’s residents and infrastructure.

We have made numerous representations, pressing for the inclusion of brownfield sites around Gedling’s urban area, as well as other more appropriate sites that fulfilled their strategy.

A number of people from the villages and Hucknall attended the ACS Inspector’s Hearing over several days.

We pressed the case for brownfield sites and raised the huge impact Gedling’s proposals would have on our local services and road network. Ashfield Council also attended and presented their concerns.

Prior to the hearing, Papplewick Lane had already been modified from 600 to 450 homes. We had previously shown that this site was never able to deliver 600 homes due to the density.

GBC’s statement last week, stating this site has been reduced by half, is therefore somewhat misleading. It was also a bit irritating to see the MP, in last week’s Dispatch, seemingly claim that his party’s councillors were solely responsible for getting numbers reduced at Papplewick Lane!

BF would suggest the changes have also been down to local residents, community groups, parish councils, including Newstead and Ashfield Council’s representations to the Inspector.

We have had some success in getting some other sites included, e.g. Gedling Colliery. But Gedling’s proposals still include a disproportionate amount of their housing allocation on sites immediately adjacent to Hucknall.

GBC are now consulting on their proposed changes to the ACS. We will continue to press the case for further change.

The Co-op has already submitted planning applications for Papplewick Lane. Our group and local residents have made valid objections. There are clearly significant issues that need to be addressed e.g. flood risk, highways, access, infrastructure, etc. and we have been taking concerns directly to key agencies.

During this long process we have had the help of a planning consultant. We need to continue raise funds to help in making the case against all these proposals. To find out more, or to offer help, please log on to www.linby.org.uk and follow the BF link.