Why don’t we mine our coal?

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The government is re phrasing the definition of being in fuel poverty to take 800,000 people out of fuel poverty with a new definition, this is a manipulation of the true picture.

The stats published last week tell us that 30,000 people died as a result of bad weather last year, now that is a disgrace, and national scandal.

It’s little surprise that (chancellor) George Osborne did a quick U-turn on snatching 12,000 pensioners’ concessionary coal allowances the very same week.

The UK consumed 64.1 million tonnes of coal in 2012, also including 54.9 million tonnes in power stations.

Coal imports to the UK were 44.8 million tonnes from places like, Columbia, Russia, Australia a large increase (+37.7%) on the previous year’s amount, mainly as a result of a dramatic increase in electricity generated from coal.

Indigenous production was 9.9% less than the previous year at 16.8 million tonnes.

Coal-fired power stations provided 41% of the UK’s electricity (gas 26%, nuclear 20%, others (including renewables) 13%).(Source - DECC statistics)

Coal resources are plentiful, distributed more evenly around the globe than oil or gas, and coal is capable of being transported and stored safely unlike other fuels.

I have to say, why are we sitting on, and not mining a 400 year proven reserve of COAL, and put some people in work?

Ian Morrison

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