Willow Tree Farm defends itself after sending bill for donkeys upkeep


A Shirebrook animal charity which gave a home to four donkeys has defended itself after sending a family a £1,680 bill.

Father of four Paul Hessey told Chad he had received no correspondence and had never signed a contract regarding the upkeep of four donkeys which the charity offered a home last July.

Willow Tree Farm has contacted the Chad to give their side of the story which we are happy to publish.

Director Adam Hind said; “Mr Hessey signed a contract in July which said he was going to do all the care and costs and to deal with farriers and things like that.

“In July 2015 he asked us to take it on as he had to look after his four children in the school holidays.

“We did so and we have sent him invoices which he has failed to adhere to .

“The contract said the donkeys would pass on to be owned by the charity after two months if he did not adhere to the conditions which he has not.

“The donkeys were in poor health and he failed to deal with veterinary treatment and he refused to have a farrier so we had to do it.

“We had to pay the bill and ongoing costs which he was aware of.

“He does not have any connection with the donkeys now and we are in a position where he will not pay the balance and the matter is in the hands of our debt collection team.

We do not mind helping people out but we will not be taken advantage of.

“We have taken on 19 animals this year and we are still taking them in.”