Wire-wrapped cat rescued from death

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A CAT in Hucknall that was slowly being killed by a piece of wire that was tightening around her body is on the road to recovery — thanks to the efforts of residents, the RSPCA and a local vet.

The female ginger and white feline (pictured), who at first was thought to be feral, had been spotted over a number of weeks with something wrapped around her belly.

She was seen in the Annesley Road area and a concerned member of the public raised the alarm.

The person called the RSPCA and said the cat had been spotted in the nearby school grounds most days, but nobody could get near to help her.

The concerned caller said the wire was getting tighter and tighter.

RSPCA inspectors set a trap, and after a week of perseverance, she was finally caught and immediately taken to Buckley House Vet’s on West Street for emergency treatment to remove the wire.

RSPCA inspector Gary Eastwood said: “The wire had actually cut slowly into the cat’s abdomen and was mostly under the skin. The skin had subsequently healed over it.

“The likelihood is that this wire has been around the cat for a very long time, possibly from when she was a kitten.”

Inspector Eastwood added: “I am actually amazed she managed to survive for so long, and had she got an infection, she almost certainly would have died.

“I do not believe this wire was put on her deliberately, the likelihood is she got caught in it and couldn’t get free.

“But this does act as a timely reminder to people that they should keep any loose wire or hazards out of reach, as sadly cats, small animals and wildlife can get caught in them, and it can cause a tremendous amount of pain and injury if this happens.”

The cat, who has since been named Annie, was operated on to remove the wire and she will now be transferred to the RSPCA Radcliffe-on- Trent animal centre.

Inspector Eastwood said the young cat had been neutered so it is likely that she does have an owner. He is appealing to anyone who may recognise her.

If an owner does not come forward, the cat will be rehoused by the RSPCA.