Woman arrested after launching tirade of abuse at a mum with her children on a train

News from the courts...
News from the courts...

A drunken outburst on a train aimed at an innocent woman and her children ended up costing a Clipstone woman more than £500.

Gemma Louise Butler 27 of Third Avenue Clipstone Village pleaded guilty to using abusive words causing harassment alarm and distress, when she appeared before Mansfield Magistrates on Wednesday.

The court was told Butler was on a train after a drunken night out with friends when she launched a tirade of abuse at a woman who was on the train with a with her children.

The court heard the incident happened at Mansfield train station at 7.30pm on 16th May, when Butler got on the train with two of her friends, who had struck up a conversation with the woman.

The outburst which attacked the victim’s reputation and questioned her suitability as a mother left her upset and disgusted, the court heard.

She reported the matter to staff at Mansfield station and Butler was arrested.

When she was told by officers at the police station what she had said, Butler said she was ashamed, burst into tears and apologised profusely

She had been very drunk after going out to celebrate the return of an old friend who had returned to the UK from Australia.

Butler had not been used to drinking after abstaining for a long period following earlier alcohol related offences and the drinking session had been a one off event.

She was fined £200, ordered to pay compensation of £100, prosecution costs of £85, a victim surcharge of £20 and court cost of £150.