Woman carer accused of assaulting resident at nursing home

NEWS from Nottingham Magistrates' Court.
NEWS from Nottingham Magistrates' Court.

A woman carer from Bulwell has been accused of attacking a nursing-home resident who has mental health issues.

Janet Melnichenko, 47, of Bancroft Street, vehemently denies a charge of assaulting Gary Dennis at Sycamore Lodge in Hyson Green.

Nottingham Magistrates’ Court was told that Miss Melnichenko retaliated when Mr Dennis “slapped her in the face” at the privately-owned home on Monday, August 10 last year.

“She stood up and slapped the resident back,” said Alastair David, prosecuting. “This was deemed to be inappropriate behaviour, and not reasonable self-defence.”

Miss Melnichenko was due to stand trial, but the case had to be adjourned because one of three key witness, who was due to give evidence, failed to turn up for the hearing.

All three were workers at the Hardy Street home, which has 16 residents and specialises in caring for people with learning disabilities.

The court heard that the witness did not appear because he claimed he had not been sent a letter informing him about the case.

Ian Carter, defending, argued that it was “crucial” the witness was present because his version of the bust-up could help Miss Melnichenko’s case.

“He says that Miss Melnichenko remained seated throughout and also that there was no actual mark on Mr Dennis,” said Mr Carter. “Only when he went to strike her a second time did she catch him in the face. But she never rose from her chair.”

Mr Carter made an application for the case to be adjourned, so that the witness could be there to give evidence.

The magistrates agreed and put the trial back to Monday, June 20 for an all-day hearing. Miss Melnichenko was granted unconditional bail.