Woman’s fears over parasite infection

Marie Foster with the questionaire that helped identify her illness.
Marie Foster with the questionaire that helped identify her illness.

A Hucknall woman suffering from a parasitic infection is voicing her concerns after receiving a letter from Public Health England stating that they are investigating across the East Midlands.

Marie Foster, 40, of Salterford Road, Hucknall, has been suffered from a highly infectious single-celled parasite called crytosporidiosis for the last six weeks.

The parasite, which according to the NHS is ‘very tolerant to chlorine disinfection and most patients should recover within a month’, is ingested by the mouth.

Marie said: “I feel tired all the time, all I want to do is sleep. People keep telling me I have lost weight in my face.

“I am trying to find out why it has not been on the news. It is just ongoing I cannot get rid of it.”

Marie was alarmed when she received a gastrointestinal disease questionnaire from Public Health England, which was sent by Ashfield District Council, thinking her condition was not widespread, after it stated ‘investigation in East Midlands’.

She said: “I was mortified when the questionnaire came. I did not know it was that serious but obviously it is.”

Since contracting the parasite Marie has had diarrhoea, suffered dehydration and has even fainted.

She has been to her local GP and the Queen’s Medical Centre and is being treated with dioralytes, a rehydration treatment, as there is no specific treatment available for the condition.

A spokesperson from Ashfield District Council said: “A questionnaire is sent to enable Public Health England to identify trends and the possible source of the bacteria. This is standard practice and doesn’t mean that there is an outbreak within the district.”