Woman terrified by bus ‘shooting’

A TERRIFIED woman claims she had to duck for cover when a Trent Barton bus was “shot at” in Hucknall.

The passenger says the Red Connect service from the main tram stop in the town centre was driving down Beauvale Road and turning into Abbots Road when a bullet smashed a side window just after 7 pm on Wednesday February 29.

Only three passengers were on board and no-one was injured. But the woman says she was scared for her life.

She has refused to speak publicly or to be named. Instead she gave an account through her sister.

She said there was an “almighty smashing sound” when the bus was hit.

It was too dark to see who was responsible and the bus continued on its route before heading back to the depot for repairs.

Trent Barton has confirmed that one of its buses was attacked.

However Darren Gough, who is the company’s manager for the Connect service, says there was no concrete evidence that the bus was shot at.

“We don’t know whether the thing that hit the window was a stone or a pellet from a BB (ball-bearing) gun,” he said.

Mr Gough rubbished claims from the passenger that a bullet had flashed before her and that the ammunition was picked up by someone on the bus.

He said that after investigating, it was clear the missile that hit the bus hadn’t even smashed both panes of glass in the double-glazed window.

The bus was kept off the road for the whole of the next day for repairs costing in excess of £200.

Mr Gough said that attacks on buses in Hucknall were extremely rare.

The offence has been reported to the police. Anyone with information was asked to call the force’s non-emergency number of 101.

Alternatively, ring the free and confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555111.