Woodland Trust encourages more visitors

HUCKNALL walkers are being urged to get out into the great outdoors and get to know ‘undiscovered woodland’ around the town and the rest of the Dispatch district.

Part of the focus is on New Hucknall Wood between Sutton and Huthwaite, which is owned by Notts County Council.

The council has enlisted the help of The Woodland Trust VisitWoods website to get more people to walk in the wood and take pictures and write about the area.

VisitWoods.org.uk is an online database listing 103 woods in the county, 39 of which contain no further information or images, including New Hucknall Wood.

“By adding photos, blogs and access information, it informs others who may be planning a visit of what to expect,” said Gail Graham, VisitWoods project manager. “We’re hoping people will take up the challenge.”