Worker almost blinded

A WORKER at a Bulwell factory has been awarded a five-figure out-of-court settlement after he was almost blinded in an accident.

Patrick Morris (65) suffered a detached retina in his left eye. Solicitors acting for Mr Morris say he hit his head on a hard plastic container which a colleague had unsafely attached to the inside of his work van.

The law firm, serious-injury specialists Irwin Mitchell, said Mr Morris needed surgery and had to spend 50 minutes in every hour lying down for ten days as part of his recovery.

His employers, Barton Precision Engineers, of Dabell Avenue, should have carried out safety checks on work carried out to fit the container, say his solicitors.

Mr Morris, of Derby, has now joined with Irwin Mitchell in calling for employers to improve their safety-checks to company vehicles.

Mr Morris was already almost blind in his right eye after a childhood accident and he was off work for eight months after his latest injury. He praised eye specialists at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, who successfully fought to save his sight, although he now has a slight reduction in his peripheral vision.

Mr Morris said: “After I hit my head, I was suffering from blurred vision and saw dark shadows everywhere.

“It was a very frightening experience.

“I thought I was going to end up blind.

“I was just so scared of not being able to see my grandchildren playing and having fun — all because the container had been put in the wrong place.”

Barton admitted that it was at fault. The settlement was for Mr Morris’s pain and suffering, loss of earnings while he was off work, and to cover the costs of his care after the surgery.