A RESTAURANT manager is responsible for making sure that customers are satisfied with the quality of food and service they receive.

If good service and great food are things that would drive you, then this role could be perfect for you.

To do this job, you will need to have the ability to manage staff. You will need strong customer service skills. You will also need to be able to work with figures.

To apply for a trainee manager job, you will usually need a good standard of general education, plus relevant experience.

As a restaurant manager, you could work in hotels, small independent restaurants, eateries that are part of a large chain, and fast food outlets. Your role would be to make sure that the restaurant runs smoothly, overseeing the business side as well as ensuring high standards for customers.

As a catering manager you would work in larger catering operations, such as business or factory canteens, hospitals or schools. You would have less contact with customers than a restaurant manager, and spend more time behind the scenes.

Your duties as a restaurant or catering manager would include:

•PLANNING menus;

•ADVERTISING vacancies and recruiting staff;

•MAKING sure that all staff are fully trained;

•KEEPING staff motivated to provide the highest standard of service;

•ORGANISING shifts and rotas;

•MANAGING stock control and budgets;

•AND RUNNING the business in line with strict hygiene, health and safety guidelines.As a restaurant manager, your working hours would typically include evenings, weekends and public holidays. Shift work and split shifts (working mornings and evenings, with time off in the afternoon) are also common.

As a catering manager, you are more likely to work regular daytime hours.

Overtime may often be required leading up to or on the day of important events.

Starting salaries for assistant restaurant or catering managers can be between £18,000 and £23,000 a year.

With experience, this could rise to between £25,000 and £40,000 a year.

You could work your way up to a management position, for example by starting as a waiter/waitress. With experience and qualifications you could take on more responsibilities and supervise less experienced colleagues. You could then apply for a head of waiting staff or assistant manager post. Qualifications include:

•Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Food and Beverage Service

•Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Hospitality & Catering (Supervision & Leadership).

Many large restaurants, fast food chains and catering companies run management trainee schemes that can lead to management roles.

You would usually need a qualification such as a foundation degree, BTEC HNC/HND or degree, or relevant experience, in order to be accepted on a scheme.