You stars for the coming week

John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Our very on resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eyes over your horoscope and reveals what the stars have in story for you this week...

Aries: This week you will find yourself starting to feel like you are enjoying your life a little more these days and perhaps even valuing yourself a bit higher than of late. You will soon be feeling stronger and firmer in yourself physically, and I really would also say mentally; you are going to be on the ball!

Taurus You are going to begin to notice that everything in your life is coming together just nicely and you are starting to feel a bit more secure in your own surroundings. Your mind is going to be clear and sharp, and you will find yourself being very decisive this week.

Gemini: At times you are going to feel like you are being pulled in two differing directions, as what you really want to do is sit back, or even just lie down, and relax a little for just a few days; yet there is a part of you that want to get things done, and get them done now; and quickly!

Cancer: It’s quite apt that the Sun is in Taurus which normally focuses us all upon the subject of our money, and our sense of self- worth; as its going to be very much on your mind, thinking about how much you currently get paid, and wondering if you could do better?

Leo: You always have big ideas, and usually many of them; of which most are generally disregarded in favour of the strongest, which make you look pretty good. You are now going to be taking into account, the most pragmatic avenues when it comes to you career or business prospect, and will be thinking long term.

Virgo: I believe that you are going to be in a no nonsense type of mood this week where you just want everything to run smoothly as it should do, and for you to get involved and do your bit. Unfortunately, I feel that someone could rub you up the wrong way, and just might feel your wrath!

Libra: You are going to find yourself for a few weeks being determined to prune out the parts of your life that you see as dead wood, and having had their day, and want to make your daily life a bit more basic and simplistic. You will be sorting out your finances, and you are soon going to be planning a getaway with another.

Scorpio: You are normally somewhat of a serious, and secretive individual, as well as pretty reserved at the best of times. This week however, you will be playing to your strengths because your partner will know how to bring them out in good fashion, and knows just how to make you laugh as well !

Sagittarius: You are always up for a laugh and a bit of a good time, which is a good thing because I see this as a dominant theme this upcoming week; but it is mixed with a very healthy dose of flirtatious romance, and even a little bit of tantalising gossip!

Capricorn: You are just exiting from a very stressful astrological configuration, which should have the effect of making you question quite a few issues in your life, as well as those you associate with. As you now enter calmer waters, you will find yourself loosening up, smiling and laughing just that inch more.

Aquarius: You have a very sociable time just ahead of you, where new people are about to enter into your life, whom you will find very different. Just make sure however, that in conversations that you take part in that you stick to the facts as you know them, as there is going to be a bit of gossip flying about in your vicinity.

Pisces: All the everyday practicalities of your daily life, including your wages are all going to be going through your life at the moment, and to your relief you will soon get everything sorted out nice and gradually, and thoroughly, which is just a well, as your family life is just about to become a hive of enjoyable activity.