A million thanks to driver who helped our dying cat

WE were disgusted to learn in last week’s ‘Your Opinions’ that a cat, which had been involved in an accident, was ignored by drivers and pedestrians and left on the road to suffer (‘Selfish Drivers Left Pet Cat Lying On Road To Die’).

We hope the people who ignored the incident are proud of themselves.

The reason we are so concerned is that the cat was ours. We idolised Poppet, as did our family and friends, and we are all totally devastated by the loss of her.

To Stef Kowalski, the writer of last week’s letter and the driver who, unlike others, took the time to assist Poppet and kindly took her to the Buckley House vets’ surgery (which was absolutely wonderful as usual), we are eternally grateful.

We tried to find out who you were, through the vet’s, to thank you personally. But your details were unable to be disclosed to us.

You are a person who will always be respected and hold a place in our hearts for the compassion shown to our beloved cat.

A million thanks to you, Stef!


Beauvale Road,