Alcohol thieves were allowed to walk away

I FELT compelled to e-mail the Dispatch after a very late-evening trip to the Tesco superstore in Hucknall.

At approximately 11.30 pm on Thursday last week (September 22), my mother and I witnessed two young men trying to walk out of the store with three bottles of alcohol hidden in their jackets.

The second man was stopped before he exited the store (once the security alarms had triggered) but the first man managed to escape, resulting in a female member of staff running after him to retrieve the alcohol. All three bottles had the security tags still intact.

What we witnessed next was just unbelievable. They were allowed to just walk away!

We took our shopping to the car and were wondering and questioning each other as to what had just happened. It was then that we both decided to go back into the store to ascertain why these thieves had been allowed to walk without any police presence or even a caution from the store security staff.

I had a discussion with the female member of staff who put her own safety at risk by running after one of these young men and also with the deputy store manager who explained that there was no point ringing 999 because the police would not respond to such an incident unless violence was involved.

We just could not believe what we were being told! We live in a lawless country where there is absolutely no deterrent to crime whatsoever.

These thugs/thieves will no doubt try another superstore or even target the same Tesco store again unless action is taken by the police who, according to the website, work to support visible, responsive and accountable policing by empowering the public and freeing up the police to fight crime.

The police need to stop this and make sure these thugs/thieves see quite clearly that these crimes will not be tolerated. Zero tolerance needs to be put in place and now!

What are the government and the police doing about crime in this country?

I am ashamed to be English and ashamed to live in this lawless country.



(Name and address supplied).