Ambulance delays could lead to sporting tragedy

ON Saturday December 10, a young footballer named Danny, playing for Bestwood Park Rangers, suffered an injury to his back.

We called 999 for the ambulance service and were told not to move him, feed him or give him a drink.

He was lying on the pitch, which was wet and very cold. We covered him with the coats of parents.

He is a very tough, young man. He’d previously had a kick in the face and played on. But as he lay there, he was crying with pain, on his back, for TWO HOURS, 40 MINUTES before medical aid arrived.

This is not my first experience of delayed assistance to youth football matches. On one previous occasion, two players cracked heads and one was sparked out for one-and-a-half hours before receiving treatment.

Another player broke his leg in two places but again had to wait one-and-a-half hours for assistance.

I feel, that with the financial cuts starting to bite, this service will be even more stretched.

May I make it plain we do not put the blame on the ambulance personnel, who do a great job in sometimes hazardous and violent environments, for which we are all most grateful. But I wonder how bad this can get in a life-or-death situation. It beggars belief.

The problem needs looking into. Something must be done before the delays cause death, not life.


Cantrell Road, Bulwell.